Why Marry for Money is a Good Idea?

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I know that many of you will be frowned upon by the words of “marry for money” and would find a piece of crap. But apart from being sarcastic about those who prefer money over love while marrying, let me be honest for once. All I want you to think about is those times when you have to compromise your happiness over money just because you do not have the money to buy it.

There is a common practice in our world that those people who can marry their love may have to feel the suspicious behavior of the people around them. It is the hard rule in our society that your love should be the one you marry. However, if you do not follow the path, then either there is something wrong with you or something wrong has been done to you. Before calling me a gold digger and materialistic, let's just have a look at the point I have in mind and which are making me say to do not marry a man you love but marry someone with deep pockets.

Marry for Money

Compromises and sacrifices

Well, marriage is all about compromises and sacrifices. Moreover, it makes us value the other person more. I get it, but now think of a scenario where you have to compromise your happiness to buy stuff for the home. Or you have to keep on saving and be thrifty to pay the fees of your children. It is an admitted fact that women across the world are paid less as compared to their counterparts. How many women have you seen in the most prominent corporation seats? How many women have their multinational businesses? We are not only underpaid but also less fortunate to achieve a higher rank in our current organization.

Among many rich men out there, you could find one with whom you can spend a luxurious life. Moreover, you don't only have to make a living for yourself but also for your family. So are you ready for this? Or do you want someone financially sound enough to let you stay at home and enjoy life?

Increased responsibilities

If you are an independent woman who earns her livelihood and is now thinking about getting married to the one you love, the one with no deep pockets, then halt your thoughts for a second. By marrying your broke love, you are submitting yourself for a service of several years. You two have to combine your income to keep the life cycle going, so you have to continue your job. Then what about family after your happy marriage? What about children and job together? Are you seriously ready for this ride?

Well, according to my experience, companies avoid having moms working in the organization. They think mothers have to split their time to fulfill both the responsibilities at home and the job, so they lack the concentration and energy to do so. However, if you marry someone who can afford all your expenses and also provide you a life without struggle, you can have your job even then but just for time pass and not for need.

Love is not all that we need

Love is an unstable emotion. We only love someone until the hard reality of life does not strike you in the face. TRUST ME neither we nor our happy marriage survive with love alone. A relationship needs respect, trust, and financial stability. It is famous saying that love cannot feed the hungry stomach but money does. So, dear girl, it's your time to think all the aspects and your life ahead and then decide whether you want to live with hardships, compromises and struggle for survival or money with financial security and happiness.

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