Tips on How to Marry a Millionaire


Have you ever fantasized about marrying a millionaire and living the good life you have always dreamed about? You might be criticized as a gold digger who wants to marry for money, but who said we couldn’t marry rich men for both money and love. As a matter a fact, women are naturally attracted to wealthy men, because most rich men are self-made and possess all the good qualities like diligence, perseverance, self-management, courage and more. So how to marry a millionaire? Here are some tips to make your dream come true.

How to Marry a Millionaire

To get a rich man to propose to you, you should first be aware what he is looking for in a future wife. Youth and beauty count but certainly not the most important things, since they both fade with age. Nearly 90 percent of rich men prefer their partners to be adventurous and outgoing. They hope their wives can carry out social duties like running charities which rich entrepreneurs, heirs and politicians are often engaged in.

Homemaking is probably the skill that every rich man wish their wives to be good at. Also, nearly 70 percent of millionaires want their partners to be loyal, submissive, honest, intelligent, classy and less rich than they are.

The fact is, millionaires may be looking for different things in a woman who is to be their life partners. Their preferences are a complex mix of personality traits, future expectations and even past experiences. However, the things you can do to get a millionaire to marry you are similar.

Work on your appearance.

You don’t have to be super beautiful or wear designer clothing all the time. But what you wear should look classy and closely fits your body. Do your make up and work out to make yourself always fit looking.

Frequent their hang outs.

If you don’t even have the chance to get close to a millionaire, how can you marry one? Places where rich men appear include country clubs, fancy restaurants and cafes, country clubs, auctions houses, charity events and more. Chances are that you can’t afford those places. Then working in a major tech company or other profitable companies is a good alternative. Almost 30 percent of couples met their spouses through work.

Try online dating.

If your work is highly specialized , say you are a nail technician, and you don’t want to give up your professional skill to work in a company for the sole purpose of getting close to rich men, you can try online dating. Many exclusive dating sites and apps have been launched to help rich and successful men to meet their life partners. Most millionaires are actually using these sites since these online dating websites and apps cater to their busy lifestyle.

Show them you are not after their money..

You should make your millionaire boyfriends know you care them instead of their bank accounts. Don’t bring up money in your conversations. Never make a big deal out of their money, but try to appreciate their hard work. Let them know you can catch other wealthy men easily.

Cook for him.

Yes, cook him a meal to show that you are good at cooking, you can cook for your off springs and you can create a comfortable home environment. Most of those elite singles are busy and often dine in restaurants. A home made meal will be a real treat for him and show him that you care for him.

Appeal to his ego.

Remember that rich guys usually call shots at their work places. You should try to boost instead of harming their egos. For them, pretty girls are easy to get, but a truely classy lady is rare.

If they like to talk about their business stories, listen to them attentively. That’s how they sweat and earn a living. Learn about his business so that when he gets into trouble, you can give him some suggestions. Even if your advice is not helpful, you are showing him that you care about him and he’ll be thankful.

Of course, finding a rich man to become your future husband is not an easy mission, especially if you don’t marry for money, but wish to marry for love. We hope our ways of how to marry a millionaire can help you.

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