How to Meet a Rich Guy in NYC?


Meet and Date Rich GuyThe New York city is never short of rich bachelors. Many people believe that getting the first bucket of gold before the age of 30 should be the primary goal of living in New York. Most New Yorkers never take dating seriously in their prime years, especially for guys.

Now at the age of late 30s and early 40s, a lot of ambitious men have a position in society and have achieved their dollar goals. But they feel lonely inside. They wish to find girls with looks and brain to share the fruits of their efforts and spend the rest of life together.

You may be a pretty girl in your early 20s aspiring to have a lifestyle of the rich. You may be an Ivy League graduate who is in bad need of a helping hand in your career. You may be a 30 something woman who wants to find a decent man and settle down. Here we offer extreme ways to successfully land a rich guy in NYC.

Golf course

Maybe you are aware that you should appear at the places where rich men hang out but unfortunately you can’t afford to it. Annual membership of advanced golf courses is not cheap either. But you are more likely to meet a rich man at a golf course than any other upscale venues. If you don’t have to be starving, sign up a membership of a country club. Even young Donald Trump use this way to get into the clubs where the richest men in New York were members of.

If there’s no way you could play golf at a country club, work for one. You’ll be able to see the same group of wealthy men two or three mornings per week. Take your heart to learn about golf, and then slowly strike a conversation with them. Act like you are into golf and talk about golfing passionately. Then some time later, one or two of them may invite you for a drink or dinner.

Meet and Date Rich Guy

Work for a big company

Almost 25% of married couples met each other at work. Melinda Gates met her husband who has long been the richest man in the world by working with him at Microsoft. Michelle Obama met Barack in 1989 while working at Sidley Austin, a Chicago law firm.

It’s a smart idea to meet a rich guy at work place. You have various opportunities to date rich men or even millionaires here. Some of the most profitable careers that can help you snare a rich man include: wealth management, auctioneer, journalism, fitness centers, internet operation, among others.

Bill Gates and his wife

Make use of online rich men dating service

Most rich men are busy professionals like CEOs, Dentists, Doctors, Attorneys and Inventors. Their time and brains are occupied with their career and success. They don’t have time to waste on blind meet ups in a restaurant or at a party. They turn professional online matchmaking service to find a partner. Many rich men dating apps have been launched to cater to the hectic lifestyle of the rich. This is good news for attractive girls who crave dating rich men but have an average income. Most rich men dating apps are free to sign up and the premium membership fee is only a drop in the bucket compared the annual membership fee of a country club.

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