How to Get a Rich Guy to Fall in Love With You?


Get Rich Men Fall in Love with YouWould you have sex with a rich guy only for material benefits? Would you date a millionaire just to share his luxury lifestyle? What’s your idea of marrying for money? Maybe you are ok with all this. You can totally go out with rich men even if what they see in you is nothing more than your amazing body and face.

The truth is, who doesn’t want intimacy? Who doesn’t want to be loved? Who doesn’t want commitment? Just imagine how wonderful it would be if the rich guy you are seeing is in love with you or even wants to propose. Being a sugar baby of a rich man is already competitive, let alone winning his love. Here are some practical tips for you to successfully land a millionaire or a super rich man.

Win his respect.

The type of girls wealthy men take seriously are respectable, troustworthy and classy. Yes, looks are important but please be feminine and decent. The bimbo look with mini skirts and spiked heels have them categorize you as loose and shallow.

Most rich men are self-made. They have studied hard and worked longer hours than men of average means to finally get where they are. A woman who is independent and has her own pursuits in life will definitely win their respect.

Never rush into bed with him if you have only seen each other a handful of times. That makes you sound easy to conquer and the rich men will lose interest and respect for you. Send out the message that you are someone special and exclusive by waiting a good long time to have sex with him.

Have a life of yourself.

Apart from your career, you should let the rich guy know that you have a bunch of friends who can spend time with when he is not available, which is quite often. One big fear of a rich man is that his woman is too clingy.

Develop your own hobbies, especially learn something he is not good at. Most rich men are not an expert in singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument. They will show great admiration even if you master just one art.

Learn about his business.

It’s vital to know how your rich man gains his wealth. His business is on top of his mind and he loves to talk about it, but he refrains himself from mentioning his business since he knows that his woman is not interested.

However, if you show interest in how he earns his money, and maybe give one or two comforting sentences, you’ll be the one a rich man wants to marry and share his wealth.

Be a good listener.

Rich men are usually the ones who call the shots. They offer people suggestions and advice and they wish to be heard. Another thing they like to share is their history of struggles. They can never talk enough about how they stayed up late to read and work, how they gained success in a tricky business battle, or how they overcome one difficulty after another.

So in order to win a rich guy’s love, show tremendous interest in their story. Let him know you are the one who is willing to listen whenever he feels like to talk.

Anyway, it’s not an easy task to win a rich guy’s heart. You are faced with the competition of a ton of gorgeous girls as well as the rich men’s alert mind. Wealthy men are generally wary of golddiggers. They long to marry someone who can still love them if they lose their money. Under no circumstances should you make a rich man feel that you care about his bank account instead of him.

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